Interview With FlashForward's Cho: Will He Have To Die For Sulu To Live?

Interview With FlashForward's Cho: Will He Have To Die For Sulu To Live?

startrek_cho_suluSciFiWire had an interview with John Cho who plays FBI agent Demetri Noh on Flash Forward. Nothing to spoilery but here it is:

In FlashForward, Cho's character is one of the few who doesn't have a vision of his own future, leading him to believe that his character may be dead by the time April 29, 2010—the date in everyone's future visions and, conveniently, the date of FlashForward's season-one finale—rolls around, relieving Cho of his commitment to the show.

"Yeah, I don't know. Listen, all I know is that, ... First of all, I don't know when [a Star Trek sequel is] going, and if it's going. I'm pretty sure it's going, but I don't know for sure, and I don't know how long. "

"I don't know if my character will live on FlashForward. There's a lot of question marks. The thing that I do know is that both sets of producers want the other project to happen. So you start from a place of good will. I'm pretty confident that we can work through whatever situation comes up. I think they feed one another."

"Well, I don't know if he's going to die, and it's an issue."

"In features, typically you know the ending, and you work from the ending. You know where the characters starts and where the character ends, and you've got to figure out a way to connect the two. I only know the beginning at this point. I was worried about playing that, although it sort of solved itself. It's playing out very naturally, where we just sort of go with each development as it comes. ... Unless, of course, there's some big revelation. ... I've heard that people think I may be an evil mastermind behind it all. That would be confusing if it were a later development like that. So far, so good."

In Thursday's episode, "White to Play," Mark and Demetri head to Utah to track down a suspect who may be connected to the global blackout. Olivia comes face to face with the man from her vision, and Mark and Olivia's daughter, Charlie, has trouble coping with the aftermath of her flash-forward.