Fall's Top Searched Pilots - " Flash Forward Spoilers " Among These

The fall TV season is not the time for networks to be modest. It seems like every show is billed as either "sensational," "hilarious," or "addictive." But, let's be honest. The vast majority could be better described as "average, "mildly amusing," or "OK if you have nothing better to do." With that in mind, Yahoo dug into the Web Search data ( click on link to see for other shows as well ) to see which of the Fall's new shows inspired the most lookups following their premieres. These are ten shows that got viewers looking for more.

Flash Forward: Arguably the fall's most heavily hyped show, Flash Forward earned a huge search surge following its pilot. Also worth noting: the immediate interest in spoilers. Indeed, it speaks to viewers' long-term commitment that after the first episode aired, searches on "flash forward spoilers" jumped from nil into the thousands. Patience, folks.

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