FlashForward Episode 11 & 12 ” Revelation Zero ” Spoilers

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March 7, 2010

FlashForward is back on THURSDAY, MARCH 18, with the episode 1.11 & 1.12 – Revelation Zero 1 & 2. Below are spoilers and promotional photos. FlashForward’s recap show, “What Did You See?”, onairs March 16.

Mark is suspended from duty at the FBI and must meet with a Bureau-appointed therapist in order to regain his badge; Demetri reluctantly teams with CIA agent Vogel to continue the search for Lloyd, while a suspended Mark resumes his own investigation into his disappearance; with Lloyd missing, Simon attempts to hack into his computer in search of clues; Janis is assigned to accompany Simon and learns some family secrets about him; and Nicole speaks with a man who was transformed during the blackout in order to help her restore her faith and understand her horrific flashforward vision.