FlashForward Episode 10 ” A561984 “ Already Aired in Australia – Here Are Some Spoilers

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November 30, 2009

flash-forward-episode-10-photos_1259609800438With the US being behind both Australia and the UK tonight, The ODI over his TV spoilers blog has some interesting spoilers about FlashForward Episode 10 ” A561984 “.

The mystery Lady that calls about Demitri’s murder over looks a lot of newspaper articles.
Demitri and Mark go after that lady and it ends in a fire fight
Lloyd makes a statement to the public which ends up with a gun firing at him.
Simon goes to the FBI and looks at the towers and says that they are his towers but he designed them in 1992 and that they were created in 1991.
Mark Losses his job
The Mystery of Demitri’s wedding is revealed
D Gibbons is revealed and is linked to someone we know.
Lloyd and Olivia seem to be getting along
The final cliffhanger is with Lloyd and Olivia

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