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Casting Spoilers: Flash Forward Episode 10 & 11

Here are the latest Flash Forward casting calls, courtesy by SpoilerTV.

FlashForward Episode 10

In episode 10, apparently there's going to be a funeral. Present of Flash Forward scene?

[PRIEST] Open Age, Open Ethnicity, Male or Female. Presides over a funeral service. Co-Star.

Flash Forward Episode 11

Seven different casting calls for episode 11.

Cassie, in her 30s-50s. Earthy, off-beat, sharply intelligent. Witty, cuts straight through the bullshit. Involved in a revealing conversation with high stakes for a major player. Guest star.

Galloway, she an agent, in her 30s. She interacts with an arrogant expert, giving it right back to him when he condescends to her. Guest star, but could recur.

Giancarlo, Italian is his 30's, attractive. A professional photographer and solid family man who comes to recent renown. Gets caught up in his own hype and loses sight of his values. Has three scenes.

male agent, in his 50s. He's a veteran FBI Agent whose light banter with a co-worker suddenly turns serious upon the discovery of some disturbing news. Has 1 scene.

Jonny, in his early arly 20's, Caucasian, boisterous and fun-loving to a fault. Gets in trouble for being careless and irresponsible. His saving grace is an underlying sweetness. Has three scenes.

Liarna Kassel, open age. NPR news reporter heard over the radio reporting standard daily news. Voice only, not photographed.

Darnell, he's a African-American teenager. Good kid, future NBA superstar, wrestles with his conscience when he's asked to throw a championship game.