Casting Call Spoilers: Somali Woman

SpoilerTV has three new Flash Forward casting calls - Abdi, Jean-Pierre and Somali Woman.

[ABDI] - 29, Somali, Male. Leader of a group of outlaws. Has the ability to intimidate with barely a stare. Charming, yet capable of shocking brutality. Formidable, charismatic. Must be capable of a Somali accent...GUEST STAR

[JEAN-PIERRE] - 40's French ambassador to the UN. Continually at odds with the General Council on the developing Flashforward global situation. Potentially recurring.

[SOMALI WOMAN] - 30s, Somali, Sweet-faced. Loving but firm, she teaches her 11-year-old-son the right way to do things without preaching at him. Must be capable of a Somali accent..sptv050769.DAY PLAYER

[AWAALE] - 30s, Somali, Male. A Somali translator hired to travel with a group. Eager to please, easily unnerved, but confident in his language skills. Must speak preferably fluent, but at least some, Somalian. Day player.