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Family Tree Episode 4 "Country Life" Guide

Family Tree Episode 4 "Country Life" Guide


Here's the official guide of Family Tree episode 4 "Country Life", airing on Sunday, June 9th on HBO.

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  • Tom finally has an interview for a job. He also discovers he has cousins in both Derbyshire and California, and makes a plan to visit and learn more about the Derbyshire branch of the family tree.
  • Meanwhile, Pete has to perform a delicate “procedure” on an alpaca at the zoo.
  • Tom, Bea, Keith, Luba (Lisa Palfrey) and Monk drive up to the Derbyshire farm owned by their cousins from the North.
  • Tom is interested to find out if the grass is really greener in the country, and equally determined to get to the bottom of a dark family secret.
  • Culture clashes notwithstanding, Tom gets his answers and some family truths are finally revealed.
  • The family-tree plot thickens as he also hears from his American cousin, Al (Ed Begley, Jr.), on the trip.
  • Pete’s life-affirming mission at the zoo proves to be a no less sticky venture.

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