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The Fosters Episode 8 "Clean" Spoilers

The Fosters Episode 8 "Clean" Spoilers


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Watch out for Talya (Madisen Beaty) to be humiliated this episode...hmm. Meanwhile, Jesus is determined to debunk the whole "Ana" ordeal for Mariana and winds up getting them deeper into it than he anticipated. Oh, and if you thought Jesus and Lexi's family dinner date was a hoot, wait until Lena's ex comes over for dinner.

You'll want to read our exclusive spoilers for episode 8 of The Fosters, "Clean" below:

  • Lena's player of an ex-girlfriend, Gretchen (guest star Necar Zadega) is in town and wants to meet up with Lena and Stef. But when Gretchen unthinkingly brings up that the topic of marriage was what partly broke her and Lena up, Stef is led to believe that actually tying the knot might be more important to Lena than she originally thought.TERI POLO, SHERRI SAUM, NECAR ZADEGAN
  • Lena, on the other hand, seems a tad jealous that Stef and Gretchen are bonding over her...and tries to hide her disapproval of Stef casually inviting Gretchen over for dinner. Let's just say the only person Gretchen really makes an impression on at the family table is Mariana.
  • Talya and Brandon have a semi-honest conversation about Callie, Talya admitting that her actions in the past were really just her insecurities talking and that she should have known there was nothing going on between him and Callie - but Brandon of course, doesn't say a word. (Do you think Talya is really opening up or just trying to pry a confession out of Brandon?) Either way, it just might convince Brandon to take Talya up on some concert tickets.
  • Speaking of Talya...a very interesting tape of her at Wyatt's party during episode 6, "Saturday" will surface in a classroom setting, completely and utterly embarrassing Talya. (Think Brandon will come to her rescue?)
  • Stef not only has drama at home but drama at work too, when she thinks Mike's drinking problem causes a problem while they're out on the job.DANNY NUCCI
  • Having had enough of Ana jerking Mariana around, Jesus decides to do something about it on his own. When Mariana finds out from Lexi herself that her brother isn't in fact out on a date one night, she gets suspicious...leading both Jesus and Mariana to Ana's home, where they find not only Ana but an abusive boyfriend who apparently won't let her leave.
  • Someone really is on a date that night, though - Callie. Only, it's looking like Wyatt may not show....MAIA MITCHELL

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