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Season 3 Episode 6

Chimes at Midnight

Empire is hacked and the leak creates feuds between artists and among the Lyon family....

Season 3 Episode 5

One Before Another

Lucious and Andre are on high alert as they wait for Shine to retaliate after their latest business encounter went south...

Season 3 Episode 4

Cupid Kills

Things heat up between Cookie and Angelo, so Lucious finally recognizes Angelo as a formidable rival and prepares to take him on...

Season 3 Episode 3

What Remains is Bestial

Cookie calls in a favor with mega-superstar Kitty to record a new song with Jamal, hoping he will overcome his inability to perform...

Season 3 Episode 2

Sin That Amends

In an attempt to cope with life after being shot, Jamal teams up with businessman Angelo Dubois, to talk about gun violence and host a summit for awareness....