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Season 1 Episode 12

Who I Am

Hakeem decides to flirt with the enemy, while trying to figure out what the best move is for his career....

Season 1 Episode 11

Die but Once

Jamal and Lucious are on their way to forming a music-centered relationship, but once again, Lucious has a secret that's about to change everything....

Season 1 Episode 10

Sins of the Father

Andre forms a new musical relationship with Michelle, and a woman from Lucious' past, Angie comes into the picture....

Season 1 Episode 8

The Lyon's Roar

It's time for the Lyon family to come together and record a legacy album with Lucious, Hakeem and Jamal....

Season 1 Episode 7

Our Dancing Days

Tension mounts between Hakeem and Jamal...

Season 1 Episode 1


The battle begins...