Emily Owens M.D. Spoilers: The Cast Teases Upcoming Relationship Drama

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October 23, 2012

Lead cast of Emily Owens M.D, Mamie Gummer, Aja Naomi King and Justin Hartley discussed with TV Overmind the entanglement of their professional and romantic relationship which will start to unfold in the upcoming episodes. Here are the spoilers we think might get you hooked on this new medical series:

Justin Hartley on Will’s affection for Emily –

“He starts to see her professionally in a different light, maybe, but also personally.

Aja Naomi King teases Cassandra’s jealousy towards Emily and Will –

While Cassandra’s affection for Will, meanwhile, seems to come from a genuine place, when she gets wind that her supposedly “sure thing” with Will isn’t so sure after all, you can bet she won’t be impressed, Aja Naomi King (Cassandra) teased. And the close friendship (turned relationship?) between Will and Emily will cause Cassandra some jealousy.

Mamie Gummer spoiled that Will’s interest on Emily will soon flare up –

“I think, maybe, seeing someone else’s attention turn on her, sort of looking at her like that, perceiving her as such, might kind of start to make [Will] wonder.”

As for Michael Rady’s character Micah, Mamie teased that the two of them (Micah & Emily) will develop friendship quickly.

  • Michael Rady (Micah) teased that Micah will be testing the waters with Emily, even if it is slow-going.

‘Emily Owens M.D.’ airs every Tuesday on the CW.