Emily Owens M.D. Spoilers: Michael Rady Previews Micah’s Fate — His Mother’s Illness and His Love Triangle with Emily

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November 21, 2012

Emily Owens M.D. has introduced actor Michael Rady as Micah, a handsome resident in Denver Memorial Hospital. He’s also the man in-charge of interns including the awkward character of Mamie Gummer, Emily.

As the freshman season progresses, Micah’s storyline has began to thicken. His ongoing ordeal with his mother’s illness seems to have something more to unravel. On the lighter side, his budding frienship/romance with Emily is also on the rise.

How does Micah balance his life in terms of personal and professional matters? Currently, he has this OB-GYN girlfriend on his side. How can his feelings for Emily affect his relationship in the near future?

Zap2it recently spoke to Michael Rady, the portrayer of Micah on the CW’s new medical series. The actor revealed a few spoilers from the interview, check out the excerpts below:

What can you tell me about how that storyline progresses? Micah and his mom seem close.

It’s a very strong relationship. You get the sense that they sort of count on each other. There’s some really touching stuff coming. Ultimately, my mom wants to know how her cancer is responding to the chemotherapy, and I don’t want to tell her too much, because I don’t want her to freak out. She’s like ‘Maybe we shouldn’t be doing anything if it’s not progressing,’ and I don’t even want to go to that place, so I don’t tell her anything. She finds out from Emily, and I get mad at Emily for telling her. In there, there are some great charming, sweet, endearing moments. It’s a fantastic episode.

Where’s the love triangle headed? Micah seems very intrigued by Emily.

I think he’s immediately taken with her. She’s a breath of fresh air. She’s someone so interesting and funny and endearing and sweet. He just sees her heart; he sees that she’s a really good person. She has a nice way with people. Maybe he sees a little bit of himself in her, her being a nervous intern like that.

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  • maria chaudhry

    i want emily and micah together pleade love them being together

  • S.L.

    Definitely love the Micah and Emily relationship. I feel that the Will character doesn’t deserve her.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sas.rod35 Sasha C. Rodriguez Olmeda

    Yes! Please, get them together already!! Or at least have Emily start noticing him in a romantic way!

  • Kyt

    Can another network like lifetime pick this show up

  • Ai

    I am really looking forward for Micah and Emily to get romantic!!! yeah Will definitely doesn’t deserve her