Emily Owens M.D. Spoilers: Justin Hartley Talks Will's Fate -- A Love Triangle & A Secret Past To Unfold

Emily Owens M.D. Spoilers: Justin Hartley Talks Will's Fate -- A Love Triangle & A Secret Past To Unfold

Former Smallville actor, Justin Hartley is co-starring with Mamie Gummer on the CW's newest medical series, Emily Owens M.D.. In a chat with TV Line, the actor gave fans a preview on Will's character flow on the first season. We learned that there will be a love-triangle to happen between his colleague and boss, Micah, himself and ofocurse, Emily! Check all that and more below!

How are things between Will and Emily after her big confession of love?

It’s a little bit awkward. … They can’t really date, but can they be best friends still? Did he just lose his best friend? And now they’re both walking around lost. They can’t lean on each other. They’ve depended on each for so many things for so many years, and now they just have to avoid each other. And what’s really, really cool [is] it gets addressed right away [in this week's episode]. Will stops Emily in the hallway and is like, “Wait a second. We need to talk about this.” There’s a crisis that happens in Emily’s life. Will finds out about it and wants to be there for her and thinks that he can’t because of what happened, and then she sort of says, “Come here.”

Will things heat up between him and Casandra in the meantime?

They certainly have a liking for one other. She’s fun, smart and cute. She’s got a snappy wit about her. She’s got an edge, and Will really likes that.

Speaking of love triangles, what does Will make of Micah, who unbeknownst to Will is sort of his competition?

Will thinks Micah’s sexy. He looks good in his scrubs. And I like that he shaves his chest. [Laughs] No, I don’t know. I don’t think that he thinks much of him yet. He looks at him as his boss and a guy that he works with.

The pilot was about setting up Emily’s world. What’s ahead for Will, specifically?

He’s got some skeletons in the closet. Later on, you realize the real reason why he’s there practicing medicine. It’s heartbreaking and then it all makes sense and you go, “Oh, this poor guy.” But he’s not a woe-is-me kind of guy. He’s a pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps-and-go kind of guy. He’s a man’s man. I like that.

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