Emily Owens M.D. Exclusive Spoilers: Emily Has a New Crush & Will Chose Friendship Over His Feelings For [SPOILER]

Spoilers Guide has the latest spoilers for your new favorite CW medical series, Emily Owens M.D.! Check out the events that will happen in episode 5! (This episode is still untitled)

  • Emily will work with a new doctor, he's young and charming. (Note the striking smile with dimpled cheeks.) With his irresistible looks, Emily will not be able to control herself in glancing at him from time to time. Additionally, Dr. Owens and the doctor will work on a case involving a one month old baby with an abnormal condition of having 2 sexes.
  • Will, on the other hand,  is happy to assist an old patient close to him. She is a 70-year old woman who acts lasciviously infront of Will. Will comforts her his feelings about Emily, saying he wouldn't like to risk his friendship with her.
  • Meanwhile, Emily's menacing attending, Gina Bendari gives her a compliment after realizing her excellence in dealing with emotional patients.

Emily Owens M.D. airs every Tuesday in the CW.