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Emily Owens M.D. Episode 7 "Emily and. . .the Good and the Bad" Guide

Here's the official guide of Emily Owens M.D. episode 7 "Emily and. . .the Good and the Bad" -- which airs on Tuesday, December 4th on the CW.


  • When the beloved hospital flower delivery man collapses, Emily (Mamie Gummer) is determined to diagnose his condition, but she is baffled at his reluctance to get treated.
  • Will (Justin Hartley) and Emily are assigned to a help a sick prisoner, but find it hard to stay professional and not let his crimes cloud how they treat him.
  • Meanwhile, Dr. Dupre (guest star Harry Lennix) continues to try to smooth things over with Tyra (Kelly McCreary), but when he hits a rough patch he comes to Emily for help and once again she's stuck in the middle between them.

Source: CW