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Emily Owens M.D. Episode 2 "Emily and . . . The Alan Zolman Incident" Guide

Here's the official press release of Emily Owens M.D. episode 2 “Emily and . . . The Alan Zolman Incident” which airs Tuesday, October 23.

“Emily and . . . The Alan Zolman Incident” (Content Rating TBD) (HDTV)


  • Emily (Mamie Gummer) is unaware of her bad reputation with the nurses until one of them gives her a very specific case as revenge.
  • After Emily reveals her feelings to Will (Justin Hartley), she tries to avoid anymore awkwardness by telling him she already has another crush.
  • With a patient’s life hanging in the balance, Emily contemplates using the secret she knows about the chief to get a speedy approval on a procedure.
  • Meanwhile, Micah (Michael Rady) is surprised to find someone new entertaining his mother during her chemotherapy.

Source: CW