Emily Owens Episode 13 “Emily and… the Leap” Guide

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January 17, 2013

Here’s the official guide of Emily Owens M.D. episode 13 “Emily and… the Leap” — due to air on Tuesday, Feb. 5th on the CW.


  • Emily’s (Mamie Gummer) decision about starting a relationship with Micah (Michael Rady) becomes even more complicated when Will (Justin Hartley) hears about it and begins to feel jealous. Emily and Tyra (Kelly McCreary) treat an unruly woman, but after learning of her home hoarding situation, Emily wonders if the woman’s personality changes may be caused by her many cats.
  • Now that Cassandra (Aja Naomi King) and Will have broken up, Cassandra’s strictly professional behavior distracts Will and causes him to misdiagnose their patient. Meanwhile, Micah’s sister comes to town after finding out the truth about their mother.

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  • http://chairxdelenaxbrucasxforwood.tumblr.com/ Brooke

    Emily & Micah NEED to end up together!!!!
    They are so perfect and I have enjoyed/love seeing their relationship unfold!
    If she ends up with Will in the finale, I will be so pissed off!! Stupid CW cancels this amazing show!
    TEAM EMICAH !!! ??

  • http://www.facebook.com/Jen358 Jenny Singh

    “Even More Complicated” Does this mean that there are other complications? Well, apart from Micah being her Resident?! Need to understand this!

  • Lili

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTT ?????????? Nooooooooo !!! I don’t want Emily and Micah to be complicated, I want them together !!! And I am still very sad about the show’s ending… This show is very good, I don’t understand why the CW is cancelling it…

  • Pri Shirley

    Omg go Team EMICAH!!!!! I can’t believe that this show will end like this…. I wish the writer would continue a blog series or give us her short narration of what would have been it it were continued ),:
    But they both look so cute together.

  • indri

    team EMICAH!!!! i am so excited they can be together…but also sad there will be no next season cause Emily Owens have been cancelled….*sad*

  • Kyt

    Another network should pick this show up like lifetime

  • http://www.facebook.com/sogay.sokj Leid Esternon

    we’ve seen a lot of stories where best friends ended up together. but will, being her annoyingly in-denial, hyper-insensitive best friend really pisses me off. team micah!

  • nocxlingEO

    I usually tend to root for the underdogs in any love triangle. But with EO, I liked Will from the start. However, with this past epi, he really upset me when he didnt even have the balls to defend Em after what Cassandra said to her and than had the nerve to make up excuses for Cassandra’s poor behavior. Oh Will you btr do something in these last 2 epi’s to show me u really care for Em cuz if not…Michah it is!

  • nocxlingEO

    I dont think it wuld make it on Lifetime. That channel has become a reality show driven channel as sad as it is

  • nocxlingEO

    it says things will get complicated. So maybe she wont wind up w/anybody.

  • nocxlingEO

    yes Will is the complication.

  • Lizzing

    Save this show!!!!!!

  • robyn

    KEEP THIS SHOW…it’s fantastic!

  • Tiffany Carroll

    I hate the CW for canceling one of their best shows yet!!! They are definitely losing me and my friends as viewers of anything else from the CW! Big mistake! Don’t you know word of mouth is the best marketing tool and the CW canceling a good show has made a lot of people angry who will only continue to bad mouth their network. I hope a good network picks this show up!!

  • http://twitter.com/Jen_358 Jenny Singh

    One more episode to go! Sad!! I really hope Emily choses Micah!!! She says she wants to be someone’s first choice, not second (like what Will is trying to do, because Cassandra broke up with him).

  • http://twitter.com/Jen_358 Jenny Singh

    Emily and Micah are going great! I hope that she doesn’t go back to liking Will just because he is now single. And he’s only single because Cassandra broke up with him, he didn’t break up with her.

  • Garnett

    im wondering if Dr bandari will cheat on her husband because that guy acts like he does not take no for an answer