Season 5 Episode 24 Hurt People Hurt People Too (Season Finale)

Elementary Spoilers: Who killed Shinwell?

Elementary Spoilers: Who killed Shinwell?

Elementary has killed off Nelsan Ellis' character, Shinwell, on Sunday's episode after his failed attempt to take down the SBK. In the coming weeks, expect for the series to shed more light on the identity of his killer.  

Here's a preview from EP Rob Doherty:

It’s someone we’ve seen before during the season.

We will identify the individual who killed Shinwell in the second-to-last episode. But that’s not really enough. SBK is, ultimately, the sum of its parts. Finding the person who killed Shinwell is really just taking away one small part of a much larger group. Shinwell has always had his sights on the real shot-callers in the group, and so must Sherlock and Joan when they [set out to] complete his mission in the finale… Actually bringing down the group is a much trickier proposition [than just arresting Shinwell’s killer].


When asked about the finale's gang war, the showrunner revealed that the familiar face pulling the strings will be unmasked in the penultimate episode. 

It is not, in fact, someone we’ve crossed paths or gone up against over the course of the season.

So in the second to last episode, Sherlock and Joan will realize they’ve underestimated a certain shadowy member of the group. They’re going up against a very different kind of gang leader, to say the least.


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