Elementary Spoilers: Watson's Family History To Unfold

Elementary Spoilers: Watson's Family History To Unfold

Poison PenElementary executive producer Rob Doherty has revealed that a script is in the works for the backstory of Lucy Liu's Watson  -- one that will particularly involve her father.

Check out the latest spoilers we scooped from EW:

A script is being written as I type that will very much be a peek into Joan’s family, in particular her father!

“I don’t think we’ve ever said any of this explicitly in the show, but the way we’ve always imagined it is Joan’s birth father fell out of the picture and her mother remarried with the last name Watson. So this story is based on that understanding of her circumstances,” says executive producer Rob Doherty.

”We’re just going to find out a little more about what went down when she was a kid and a little more about the status of her birth dad.” But, he adds, this isn’t an episode that will see the introduction of her father, saying, ”We may meet somebody down the line, but this episode is another little window into who Joan is and where she comes from.”

'Elementary' airs every Thursday at 10PM ET on CBS.