Elementary Season 2 Spoilers: Who Will Play Sherlock’s Big Bro?

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June 27, 2013


After the long-awaited appearance of Irene Adler, another person close to Sherlock will make a debut on CBS’ Elementary.

According to Deadline, showrunners of the CBS series has cast The Amazing Spider Man actor Rhys Ifans to play Sherlock’s big brother, Mycroft Holmes.

He will make his debut in the season premiere, which will be shot on location in London. In the episode, Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) is called to London to revisit an old case, where he is forced to face his brother. Although the siblings suffered a drastic falling-out a few years earlier, Mycroft allows Sherlock and Joan (Lucy Liu) to stay in his new home, 221B Baker Street. With Joan in the middle, the brothers are forced to confront their very complicated history.

‘Elementary’ returns to CBS in the fall.

  • Travis Crincoli

    in all fairness, if you wanted us to guess who it would be, you might want to change the thumbnail to one of those silhouette heads, because his face is a give-away :)

    On a different note, he is the perfect actor to portray the omniscient big brother.