Elementary Season 2 Spoilers: Smash Actor Cast As 'Link to Joan's Mysterious Past'

Elementary Season 2 Spoilers: <em>Smash</em> Actor Cast As 'Link to Joan's Mysterious Past'


As earlier scooped, someone from Joan's past will arrive to tap her guilt on Elementary season 2.

In connection to that, we learned that Jeremy Jordan (Smash) has been tapped to play the aforementioned crucial role on the CBS smash.

Jordan will be introduced as "Joey Castoro" in an upcoming October episode of season 2 as someone with a connection to Joan’s past. According to TV Line, his character is described as "the son of the surgical patient who died in Watson’s care."

Additionally, Lucy Liu's Joan Watson "has an affinity for Joey, but her affections for him are tested when he comes to her with an unexpected request."

Jordan joins previously cast Rhys Ifans (The Amazing Spiderman) as Sherlock’s big brother.