Pre-Finale & Finale Blowout Spoilers on CBS' Elementary!

Pre-Finale & Finale Blowout Spoilers on CBS' <em>Elementary</em>!


With deepest thanks to Michael Ausiello from TV Line, we'd like to spread these loads and buckets of pre-finale and finale spoilers coming up on your most-wanted TV shows ! ! !

Without further adieu, here are the happenings you shouldn't miss on ---

TV show on spotlight: Elementary -- CBS
A Landmark Story

PRE-FINALE EPISODES | The hit CBS drama's season may be winding down, but its mythology is ramping up. First up on April 25, Sherlock tackles a case inspired by a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story. The following week finds the investigator once again crossing paths with hit man Sebastian Moran, which in turn leads Holmes to another one of Moriarty's agents, The Actuary (guest star F. Murray Abraham, Amadeus, pictured above). “Like Moran, he's a kind of assassin,” describes executive producer Rob Doherty. “But if Moran was the hammer, [The Actuary] is the scalpel. He's very meticulous. He does things a certain way.” Finally, the penultimate episode introduces Game of Thrones' Natalie Dormer as Irene Adler, Sherlock's only love. In flashbacks, "We'll see [their] first meeting," previews the EP. "We'll see what they were like once they were officially together, and we'll take it all the way up to her unfortunate demise."

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MAY 16 SEASON FINALE | We have three words for you: Moriarty is coming. Here's some more scoop from Doherty: "The episode that airs before the two-hour finale is something of a cliffhanger. We will have a big reveal at the end of that show that sets Sherlock up for what may be a final confrontation with Moriarty, who is indeed in New York and up to no good." And Holmes may not be the only one to go up against the Big Bad. "We are in the midst of devising a way for Joan and Moriarty to spend some time together alone," reveals the EP. "I think Moriarty would be pretty fascinated by Joan." P.S. - Guess who's alive!

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