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Season 1 Episode 22

Dead Scratch (Season Finale)

Air Date: 05/11/2018

As Alexis loses control of her plan with the Colbys, Fallon challenges Blake for control of the family's company only to learn she's not the only one with a claim to the throne....

Season 1 Episode 21

Trashy Little Tramp

Air Date: 05/04/2018

When Blake thwarts Fallon's attempts to take the company in a new direction, Fallon realizes that the biggest threat is actually Blake himself....

Season 1 Episode 20

A Line from the Past

Air Date: 04/27/2018

While Alexis and Blake continue to battle, Alexis enlists in a surprising ally, Jeff Colby...

Season 1 Episode 19

Use or Be Used

Air Date: 04/20/2018

The manipulative power games between Fallon and Alexis continue when Alexis - who's grown highly suspect of Fallon's new husband, Liam - meddles in Fallon's love life....

Season 1 Episode 18

Don't Con a Con Artist

Air Date: 04/06/2018

When Fallon and Alexis fight for Steven's love, his relationship with Sam gets caught in the crossfire....

Season 1 Episode 17

Enter Alexis

Air Date: 03/30/2018

The arrival of Alexis has thrown the entire Carrington family into disarray....

Season 1 Episode 16

Poor Little Rich Girl

Air Date: 03/23/2018

In the wake of a sudden Carrington death, Blake’s temper pushes Cristal to make a bold decision regarding their marriage....

Season 1 Episode 15

Our Turn Now

Air Date: 03/16/2018

After Fallon discovers that Jeff Colby's motives to marry her are not for love but for revenge, she is forced to continue with her faux engagement until she can save her family from becoming a casualty of the Colby-Carrington war....

Season 1 Episode 13

Nothing But Trouble

Air Date: 02/07/2018

After Fallon’s declaration of professional — and romantic — independence, Jeff tries to reel her back in....

Season 1 Episode 12

Promises You Can't Keep

Air Date: 01/31/2018

When the Carringtons host a lavish Casino Night party, Cristal and Blake's marriage is put to the test when an explosive secret from Blake's past surfaces....

Season 1 Episode 11

I Answer to No Man

Air Date: 01/24/2018

When Fallon is taken hostage, the rest of the family must come together to enact a rescue mission - but coming together isn't exactly what Carringtons do best....

Season 1 Episode 10

A Well-Dressed Tarantula

Air Date: 01/17/2018

Cristal's efforts to mend her fractured marriage are complicated when a dangerous newcomer threatens to destroy everything she and Blake hold dear...

Season 1 Episode 9

Rotten Things

Air Date: 12/13/2017

The Carringtons’ plan for a peaceful holiday are spoiled by two new arrivals and the scandals they bring with them....

Season 1 Episode 8

The Best Things in Life

Air Date: 12/06/2017

Everything is shiny and bright at the city’s Annual Tree Lighting, but behind the scenes, the Carringtons struggle with ghosts from their past...

Season 1 Episode 7

A Taste of Your Own Medicine

Air Date: 11/29/2017

Blake’s hopes for a perfect Thanksgiving – Dynasty-style – are ruined when he clashes with both Fallon and Steven...

Season 1 Episode 6

I Exist Only for Me

Air Date: 11/15/2017

Cristal's houseguest puts Blake in an awkward position...

Season 1 Episode 5

Company Slut

Air Date: 11/08/2017

Fallon plays a game of cat and mouse with Cristal, as the two vie for the cover of a prestigious magazine...

Season 1 Episode 4

Private as a Circus

Air Date: 11/01/2017

The Carringtons' efforts to protect their secrets - from the world and from each other - lead them outside the protective cocoon of the Manor: Cristal and Blake to their belated honeymoon, Steven to Sammy Jo's rescue, and Fallon to confront old demons....

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