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Dracula Episode 8 “Come To Die” Guide

Dracula Episode 8 “Come To Die” Guide

draculaNBC has released the official guide of Dracula episode 8 “Come To Die”. This episode is slated to air on Friday, Jan. 10 at 10PM ET.

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  • Grayson and Van Helsing have a falling out following the cancellation of their public demonstration. This leads Van Helsing to quickly seek revenge against Mr. Browning and his family.
  • Harker discovers that Grayson has been playing him for a fool and forbids Mina from seeing him.
  • With this new information, Mina focuses her attention on her schooling only to be attacked by Lord Davenport’s men.
  • Once Harker realizes it’s Davenport who orchestrated the attack, he responds with murder.
  • Meanwhile, Lady Jane learns that the legendary Dracula is back in London.

Source: NBC