Dexter Spoilers: Yvonne Strahovski Q&A -- Can Hannah and Deb Both Survive?

Dexter Spoilers: Yvonne Strahovski Q&A -- Can Hannah and Deb Both Survive?

THR had a chat with Dexter actress, Yvonne Stahovski where they discussed the current storyline for her character on season 7 of the Showtime series. Last week's episode revealed the chemistry between Dexter and Hannah. Dexter's failed attempt to kill Hannah, spurt out a window to build a romantic relationship with her instead. But what could this mean for Dexter's sister's Lt. Debra Morgan?

I grabbed a few spoilery statements from the Aussie actress from the said Q&A, read them below!

How are we going to see Hannah's and Dexter's relationship progress?

It turns out they can't really help themselves. The question now is, what will Dexter do now that Debra has asked him to handle Hannah McKay? Does he like Hannah enough to ignore Debra's request? Which woman in his life will he choose?

We see in the promo that Dexter tells Deb that he has fallen for Hannah. What might Deb and Hannah's confrontation look like?

We all know Debra is a pretty feisty character, so you put one feisty woman against another feisty woman and there's bound to be some kind of drama. We see a little snippet of that in the preview, and it's a question of how far Debra is going to push it; [we see] her character struggling with these weird feelings she's having for Dexter, and she's also trying to find her power again. It could be that part of Debra regaining her strength as an individual and that she might be pursuing her career even further -- like she said, the music to her ears is a jail door slamming shut.

Is Debra more put off by Hannah because Hannah is a killer or is it because she's Dexter's new love interest?

I think the fact that she killed turns her on in a way. She wants to make things right and find justice because that's what her job is all about.

Can both Hannah and Deb survive this season?

That's a very good question. We see Hannah survive one of the worst possible situations you can get yourself into on Dexter: No one has ever survived the kill table. It indicates that Dexter couldn't go through with it because he has these feelings. We're going to be asking ourselves, "Who is going to survive?" There are a lot of high emotions, loyalties and revelations for Dexter, and he'll struggle with that because the more comfortable he is around Hannah and not having to hide who he is, the more he wants to keep her in his life.

How much of Dexter's life is he going to let Hannah into? Maybe reveal his code and bring her in?

Maybe, though killing is a very individual thing for him -- except for that season he was killing with Lumen (Julia Stiles).

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