Dexter Spoilers: Why is Hannah’s Life in Jeopardy?

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November 21, 2012

The cat and mouse chase of Dexter and guest star Ray Stevenson’s character, Isaak is about to get bloody. TV Guide reports that more than one associate from the Koshka Brotherhood is facing a demise in an upcoming episode of Dexter. However, Dexter’s new found love, Hannah McKay will be put in imminent danger. Read the rest of the spoilers below:

More than one Koshka Brotherhood associate will end up dead this week, but not via Dexter’s table, after he and Isaak figure out another way out of this game of cat and mouse. Unfortunately, it will involve putting Hannah’s life in danger — and considering that Dexter killed Isaak’s loved one, that’s not a good thing. However, she isn’t the only significant other put in a compromising situation.

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