Dexter Spoilers: Who’s Dying Next? Plus, Another Big Secret Unfolds!

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November 14, 2012

On last Sunday’s episode of Dexter titled “Chemistry”, Dexter had to face his toughest ordeal yet — falling inlove with someone who he has been intending to kill. Hannah McKay got the best out of Dexter and Deb is only inches away to finding out. In an upcoming episode, we learned that another character is about to kick the bucket. Though it’s still early to speculate, I have a feeling it will be a team work from Dex and Hannah.

Meanwhile, the report also teased that besides Dexter, another character has also been hiding a pile of dirty laundry. Care to guess who this person is? Feel free to speculate with us on the comments. For the rest of the spoilers, check out the details below!

Interesting choice of words considering there is yet another death coming this week. But while we’ve been so focused on Dexter’s secrets unraveling this season, it will be someone else’s admission that’s been years in the making that will shock and surprise you.

Source: TV Guide