Dexter Spoilers: Michael C. Hall Teases Season 7 -- Which Character Is Making a Come Back?

Michael C. Hall teased the latest season of Dexter where his character, Dexter Morgan is facing a long line of hurdles that involves his sister Deb and a new love interest, Hannah. How can these two major key players in Dexter's life affect his alter-ego as a serial killer?

Last time, Dex was caught into a deep rabbit hole when Deb ask him to kill Hannah as justice for the death of Sam Price. But due to his natural chemistry and attachment to Hannah, Dexter refuses to kill her. Thus, making Deb fall apart and finally confess her sort-of-incest love for him.

Can Deb and Dexter still fix their already damaged relationship?

Here's a recent interview of actor Michael C. Hall foretelling a significant event that can turn things around in Dexter season 7. Check out the video below ---

Which character do you think is recurring? Send us your predictions in the comments.

Source: etalkCTV