Dexter Spoilers: Michael C. Hall Talks The Final Season 8, Says "He's Pleased & Intrigued" About The Ending

Dexter Spoilers: Michael C. Hall Talks The Final Season 8, Says "He's Pleased & Intrigued" About The Ending


Courtesy of, check out the latest interview of actor Michael C. Hall where he previews the upcoming final season of Showtime's serial-killer series, Dexter.

Here's an excerpt from the Q&A:

How is Dexter at the start of season 8?
Well, of course, Deb found out [he's a serial killer]. Then over the course of the seventh season we saw Dexter managing the way that’s changed their relationship and seeing maybe that, perhaps, she can live with that information and he can continue [his pattern]. With the cliffhanger that ends the seventh season, all bets are off. For the first time the person who’s always revered and looked up to him is turning his back on him, and that’s sent him into a bit of a spiral.
He’s also been increasingly seeming more like a regular killer covering up tracks.
I’ve always been interested in challenging the audience’s affection for the character. I’m all for it.

Is there a romantic interest this season?
Yes, but the primary relationship with a female is a more maternal figure.
Yes, Dr. Vogel [Charlotte Rampling]. He gets to “meet his maker,” so to speak.
The presence of Dr. Vogel in his life, this woman who did as much as anyone to fashion the code [when he was a kid], she’s encouraging Dexter to believe his humanity is a misguided indulgence and who he’s really meant to be is a psychopath and all the other stuff is bogus. It’s a reasonable argument. Dexter isn’t so good at being human. He’s always been an effective killer. His appetite for humanity has compromised his effectiveness. But something that’s always existed in him is an appetite for rebellion. So if he’s told he can’t be somebody, he’s going to want to defy that diagnosis — to his and many people in his world’s peril.

How was directing?
The thing I liked about it the most is it forces you to be decisive. You have to be decisive or other people can’t do their jobs. It required a more welcome opening energy on the set. I probably relished most the scenes I wasn’t in.
Yeah, rather than trying to direct that Michael C. Hall guy.
You have to be a little less precious about your own work.

Do you know the ending?
[Smiles] I have a good sense of the broad strokes…

And you like it, I can tell.

I do! I’m pleased. I’m intrigued and compelled where things are headed. The end is not something I pitched or lobbied for. I don’t aspire to write this show. I talk about where I imagine Dexter to be or where he’s coming from. There are many people [involved with the show] who inform what he ultimately ends up being. I’m along for the ride.

So how you do you feel about this show you’ve worked on for so many years ending?
At this point I have an anticipatory feeling more than anything else. I look forward to finding out what life feels like without Dexter. It’s been something we’ve done 5.5 months out of the year. It’s a constant preoccupation. I think it will be a pretty broad-spectrum experience. I think there will be some wistfulness, some relief, some pride, some sadness…

'Dexter' season 8 launches on Sunday, June 30 on Showtime.