Dexter Spoilers: Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter Teases The Final Season -- "There's Blood Everywhere.."

Dexter Spoilers: Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter Teases The Final Season -- "There's Blood Everywhere.."

dexterTV Line sat down with co-stars, Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter and their EP Sara Colleton to hash out the final season of Showtime's serial killer series, Dexter.

Here are the spoilers revealed on the interview:

dexterseason81The final season goes back to the beginning of Dexter's entire psycopath-side through the help of a new character, Dr. Vogel (played by Charlotte Rampling).

“The revelations of Dr. Vogel’s presence in Dexter’s story reframes his whole origin story and takes us back to what we discovered him to be at the beginning,” he shares. “Because of that, it’s satisfying and creates a sense of connective tissue to who we knew Dexter to be and how he’s evolved.”

Dr. Vogel is either a friend or a foe.

If there’s one thing viewers should know about the rather cold Dr. Vogel — who (SPOILER ALERT) actually created Harry’s Code — it’s this: You’ll either love or hate her. “At first, Evelyn feels she’s his spiritual mother,” Colleton reveals, “and to Dexter, she’s a kind of Dr. Frankenstein. But at a time in his life where Deb has pushed him out and he is the most unmoored, to hear from someone that he is perfect is incredibly seductive.”

An honest conversation between Dexter and Deb ahead!

“It was horrible to play,” a candid Carpenter laughs. “It was wildly uncomfortable and I felt a little tossed to the wolves because of the six-month gap that happened [within the] season.” That said, her meltdown ultimately led to showcasing the strained Dexter/Deb relationship in “the most honest place that it’s ever been.” Says the actress,

Dr. Vogel will help the Morgan siblings to reconcile.Episode 803

“Deb’s holding a mirror up to him and asking him for some real answers, and for that I’m grateful. They start in a really authentic place, which means that the rest of the season can feel connected.” As for the estranged siblings’ reconciliation, Hall tells us: “Dr. Vogel will be someone who will help facilitate that.”

Dr. Vogel refuses to believe that Dexter can be human.

As Dexter’s notion of humanity grows, so does his belief that perhaps he may not actually be a psychopath. Dr. Vogel, however, would disagree. “She exploits the fact that Dexter has come to believe — or maybe it’s undeniable to him, as he’s lost so much — that he does have an appetite to be human,” Hall shares, “a sense of there being more to him than just killing.”

A BLOODY ending..

“You walk by racks of clothing that the costumers are pulling out on set, and there’s blood everywhere,” she teases. “It’s fantastic! I think fans are going to be really happy.” Hall, for his part, is less boisterous but does note: “I’m excited about the turns the story is going to take.”

'Dexter' airs every Sunday on Showtime.