Dexter Spoilers: Is Dr. Vogel the “Brain Surgeon”?

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July 3, 2013


On the eight season premiere of Dexter titled “A Beautiful Day”, the ‘Brain Surgeon’ is introduced as a serial killer who scoops out a part of his victim’s brain.

Rumors have spread that newly-arrived character, Dr. Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling) who assisted on the profiling of the aforementioned killer IS the actual Brain Surgeon. Could this rumors be true?

Here’s the spoiler scoop we’ve learned:

Maybe. But it seems strange that she would then volunteer to help Miami Metro hunt down the killer, right? It’ll pretty quickly get stranger when Dr. Vogel becomes a target of the Brain Surgeon. I still think Vogel is culpable, but of what? A source tells me it’s complicated.

Source: TV Guide

What’s your take, Dexter fan? Weigh-in below!

  • disqus_wtYYqKUCEe

    Well, it’s obvious that Yates was not the Brain Surgeon. He was never following her to begin with, and his act of surprise that an intruder (Dexter) was in his house, was no act. There was no one to put an act on for. Even the conversation (SPOILER) in episode 5 between him and Vogel did not entail any info about the Brain Surgeon. Only about his childhood and his obsession with toes/shoes. Traits that didn’t belong to this mysterious serial killer.

    It also doesn’t make any sense that Vogel is the killer… at least for now. She did receive an anonymous text and the pieces of the brain which controls empathy, as gifts. I highly doubt that she IS the surgeon, however, I do not doubt that she knows who it is.

    I think that she too, (if she doesn’t know who the surgeon is), that Yates was not the man she was after. I think she took advantage of the fact that her life was in probable danger (or maybe not), which is why Dexter/Deb didn’t get to fully investigate whether or not Yates was actually the person they were targeting.

    ALSO, I find it strange that Dexter didn’t sense the kid from the Hamilton family right away. I could tell within the first glance that he was suspicious, and his comment about, “my dad may be an asshole, but he’s not a killer” – all the while, smirking subtly… that removed all of my doubt anyways.

    The other thing that is bothering me is Deb. I can’t tell if she’s genuinely accepted her fate after trying to killer both herself and Dexter… it seems to good to be true.

    Obviously, something is going on behind closed doors with Vogel and she has an ulterior motive. I just can’t seem to decipher it, mainly because there’s not enough info to do so.

  • sproketz

    Dr. Vogel has multiple personality disorder and is the brain surgeon.

  • Hannibal Morgan

    Vogel is the surgeon. She is working with Miami Metro because, well, to cover her tracks. It’s the perfect hiding spot, nobody will ever suspect her

  • tyhtrhhn

    vogel is the sugeon she took zack home and her favorite song was playing on the ipod.

  • tyhtrhhn

    what if Jamie was the surgeon? Lmfao!

  • S.t.

    I agree. I think she is the surgeon too. I think she tried to frame zack as the killer of Cassie to see what dexter would do. She likes to study psychopaths because she is one herself. She probably created another dexter who she is using to kill others for her and she just operates on the brains to study them.

  • jb

    I believe Dr. Vogel is involved in the Surgeon murders but isn’t TBS. I think that she may have a son who is TBS. That person I think would be Cassie’s boyfriend . Vogel mentioned she got involved with study of psychopaths because of an incident that happened long ago . Maybe Vogel wanted to learn about psychopaths after learning her son might be one so many years ago. Possibly after killing his father her husband . Not sure what happened with her husband believe name mentioned was Richard Vogel.