Dexter Spoilers: Is Dr. Vogel the "Brain Surgeon"?

Dexter Spoilers: Is Dr. Vogel the "Brain Surgeon"?


On the eight season premiere of Dexter titled "A Beautiful Day", the 'Brain Surgeon' is introduced as a serial killer who scoops out a part of his victim's brain.

Rumors have spread that newly-arrived character, Dr. Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling) who assisted on the profiling of the aforementioned killer IS the actual Brain Surgeon. Could this rumors be true?

Here's the spoiler scoop we've learned:

Maybe. But it seems strange that she would then volunteer to help Miami Metro hunt down the killer, right? It'll pretty quickly get stranger when Dr. Vogel becomes a target of the Brain Surgeon. I still think Vogel is culpable, but of what? A source tells me it's complicated.

Source: TV Guide

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