Dexter Spoilers: Can Dr. Vogel Fix the Morgans?


In an upcoming episode of Dexter, a heart-to-heart conversation between Dexter and Debra is going to take place through a therapy session. But can Dr. Vogel's magic fix their twisted relationship?

Read the spoilers below:

Dexter's dysfunctional family will take part in a therapy session with Vogel to work through their issues, but consider the car accident Deb's rock-bottom. "She's seen that Harry has killed himself when he realized what he taught Dexter to do; he couldn't live with himself. So she feels she's aided and abetted him," executive producer Sara Colleton says. "At first she thinks she's going to kill herself, but then she realizes that it's an impulsive thing in the moment that she does." But the siblings may come together when Vogel's life is threatened.

Source: TV Guide

Watch the promo of the next episode of Dexter titled "Miss Little Piggy" below: