Dexter Season 8 Finale Spoilers: Who Is Dexter’s Final Victim? See Filming Photos Here!

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July 20, 2013


Beware of MAJOR spoilers ahead!

Spoilers Guide has come across these BTS photos of Dexter while the cast and crew were filming the their final episodes. Our source, OLV say that it bears a major spoiler that may ruin the surprise element you probably don’t want to get tainted. However, if you think you can handle it, go ahead and view the images.


These photos were taken in Long Beach, CA during the last days of filming for the series, but that’s all I say. If you want to know what may or may not happen in the series finale, keep scrolling down, if not, look away now. Of course, we don’t know anything for sure until the finale airs, but these photos provide some serious food for thought.


Who do you think is Dexter’s final victim? Weigh-in below.

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