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Dexter Season 8 Episode 10 "Goodbye Miami" Detailed Synopsis -- Major Spoilers Alert!


We've come across some very detailed spoilers abound on next Sunday's episode of Dexter "Goodbye Miami". As you might have noticed, we've opted to separate this post from the official synopsis as a courtesy to others who don't want to be spoiled too much.

So if you're one of the bunch who couldn't wait another day to see how the next events will unfold, then you better check out the following paragraph now.

(You've been warned, read at your own risk!)

Dex tells Miami Metro that he is leaving. Vogel dies in this episode, the final scene has Vogel dead w/ her throat slit only Dexter & Saxon are there. More info from 10: In episode 10, Quinn meets with Debra at a cafe with roller-skating waitresses, and she tells him Dexter is leaving Miami. In another scene, Quinn and Jamie are having a meal at Angel's beach cafe. The new Marshal, Clayton (who's tracking Hannah), shows up at Deb's beach house while Deb and Hannah are both there. Miami Metro investigates a hit & run accident next to a fountain, with a dead cyclist lying in the middle of the street, and Dex and Batista have a long talk, and then they hug: it is possible Dex was telling Batista that he was leaving. Then there's the going-away party for Dex, full of Miami Metro types, at Angel's cafe. Finally, there's a scene at a dock (supposedly outside Miami Metro), where Quinn & Deb talk & kiss. Dex also sets up a kill room for the Brain Surgeon-Saxon but he can't quite get him on the table.

Source: Televisionwithoutpity