Dexter Season 7 Finale "Surprise Motherf**ker" Round-Up

Dexter has finally given up on who he once believed is the "one" for him -- Hannah McKay. Now that he's finally chosen Deb over Hannah, how will things fare for Dexter? And with LaGuerta's investigation on the Bay Harbor Butcher pressing down on him, will Dex just opt to run away and never look back?

On the sneak peeks released by Showtime, we find Dexter calculating his next move. Deb, on the other hand, had a face-to-face bitch rant with Hannah while on court.


Finally, on the finale promo LaGuerta is seen arresting Dexter but Deb suspects that she framed him. However, it was also alluded that Dexter will take matters in his own terms -- disposing LaGuerta to take the steam off of him once and for all. Could this mean that Dexter is now capable of killing innocent people?



* Who are you rooting for between Hannah and Deb?

* What do you think is the big mother f**king surprise on this episode?

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks yet to be released by Showtime.