Dexter Recruits Two New Recurring Characters — Casting Spoilers

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January 8, 2013

Dexter and Deb are finally on the same page. After killing La Guerta, in what fashion can we expect the new partners-in-crime bamboozle their colleagues in Miami PD?

In a report from TV Line, we learned that the Showtime veteran series is yet to introduce two new major characters that will bring deplorable circumstances for Dexter and Deb. Get to know them below!

First up is Dr. Evelyn Vogel, a formidable and whip smart neuro-psychiatrist in her late 50s who assists the law in profiling criminals (like, perhaps, the one who murdered LaGuerta?).

The show is also on the hunt for a 40ish actor to play Jacob Elroy, a handsome and straightforward former cop who now owns his own private eye business. Our guess: Angel (or maybe Tom?) hires him to find out who killed his ex-wife.

What do you think is the strategy of Dexter and Deb? Hit up the comments for your predictions.