Desperate Housewives Spoilers: Will the Show End With a Death?

Desperate Housewives Spoilers: Will the Show End With a Death?

After eight seasons on air, Desperate Housewives is really coming to an end. With just a few more weeks, a lot of speculations are circulating on what kind of full-blast finale are we bound to experience. Death, which has become an essential part in giving the series a suspenseful twist, is definitely top on the list.

On this interview, let's hear it from the ladies of Wisteria Lane themselves.

After eight seasons, the ladies of Wisteria Lane are finally saying goodbye. Though the final episode of Desperate Housewives doesn't air for a couple more months, the cast was already preparing for the end when we sat down with them to chat about how they don't want the series to end, their characters' future and if they'd be up for a D.H. movie…

And while fans might want every storyline wrapped up when the series ends, Longoria is pulling for a more up-in-the-air twist. "I hope the ending is a little open-ended," she says. "Because we want the audience to be able to hope and wish for whatever they want for the characters."

To hear more from Longoria, Cross and Huffman, as well as Vanessa Williams, check out our interviews with the cast below!

Source: E! Online