Desperate Housewives Spoilers: What’s Next For Tom And Lynette?

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February 22, 2012

We all loved Tom and Lynette from the very first season. Now that the most ideal couple is divorced, devoted fans are yearning to see them back together. Here we bring you an inside scoop from the creator himself, Marc Cherry.

We cornered DH boss Marc Cherry at Sunday’s WGA Awards and gently grilled him about a possible T/L reunion. “We’ve got some interesting twists and turns [ahead],” he said, “and what I hope will be an amazing and fascinating end to their relationship.” Cherry went on to all but confirm that Brenda Strongthe woman and not just the voice will be featured in the swan song, saying, “I would say that the odds of seeing [Mary Alice] on screen in the season finale are very high.”

Source: TV Line