Desperate Housewives Spoilers: The Stars Who Will Prevail

The warm and cozy suburb Wisteria Lane is mightily dignified by the people around the whole neighborhood. Aside from the lead Desperate Housewives themselves, what makes it more fun to live in the streets of Wisteria Lane is no other than the persons whom they have shared the bodacious years of the good times and the bad. Watch with Kristin of E! Online was able to sit on an interview with the show's two top-contending character in veering away from a close encounter with death. Kathryn Joosten who plays Karen McCluskey together with Andrea Bowen who portrays Susan's daughter, Julie, share their thoughts on this interview.

"Every time I turned around I was getting killed!" jokes Kathryn Joosten. After being killed off on many shows including The West Wing, General Hospital and Scrubs, Joosten has survived eight years without the Grim Reaper knocking on her Wisteria Lane door…until now.
When Joosten first joined the cast eight years ago, she made a pact with Cherry. "When I got the job at Wisteria Lane I said to Marc, ‘I'll do this but you've got to promise me that you wont kill me off!' And so he said publicly that he wouldn't. He said many times after that that he had lived to regret it but it was a promise," she laughs.

Andrea Bowen, who first joined the show when she was 13 (at the time of the pilot), describes the "bittersweet" ending of the show: "It's been almost a third of my life so it's very sad; it's like the family is falling apart." Even though her character has survived all the twists and turns of the plot, the 22-year-old actress explains how nerve-racking it was every time a script would arrive. "Everyone who wasn't a housewife would kind of read the script with like one eye closed because we were so nervous that we were going to be the ones who died."

Luckily for Bowen, there was one rule she knew creator Marc Cherry wouldn't break. Bowen reveals, "I kind of had a little bit of assurance. They won't kill a kid; they can't do that." Maybe not, but worse things have happened on Wisteria Lane.

Source: E! Online