Desperate Housewives Spoilers: Cast Went Emotional Behind The Scenes of The Upcoming Finale

Desperate Housewives Spoilers: Cast Went Emotional Behind The Scenes of The Upcoming Finale

TV Guide was able to get an exclusive with the cast of Desperate Housewives who are very sentimental towards the series finale just around the corner. For eight years these people played the characters whom we've loved and hated at times and yet we still could not process the fact that they are indeed bidding us goodbye.

"It's that satisfying ending you want in a show that's been running eight years." -- a statement shared by Eva Longoria who played the strong-willed Gabrielle Solis. To me that really means alot coming for her. I know that I'll be looking forward into something that is heartfelt and timeless.

It could've ended in disaster. When the show's writers were tossing around finale ideas, one suggested demolishing Wisteria Lane. "There would have been a fire or flood," explains creator Marc Cherry. "But we've done so many things to the Lane already, I thought it would be anticlimactic."

So instead of jaw-dropping hysterics, Cherry crafted a heartfelt farewell revolving around
Renee (Vanessa Williams) marrying Ben (Charles Mesure), Bree (Marcia Cross) considering marriage, Julie (Andrea Bowen) giving birth, crotchety Mrs. McCluskey (Kathryn Joosten) dealing with the final stages of lung cancer and a glimpse back to the arrival of narrator Mary Alice (Brenda Strong) on Wisteria Lane. "It's a story that will be told visually by the directors in a very cinematic way," says Doug Savant, who plays Lynette's husband, Tom.

The top-secret scripts were delivered to the cast over the April 13 weekend. Cross, who plays not-so-happy homemaker Bree Van de Kamp, was busy putting her 5-year-old twins, Eden and Savannah, down to sleep when her script arrived via email. "Evenings are a blur," says Cross. "But once the girls were asleep I read it on my computer because there was all this anticipation."

Williams was at her daughter's swim meet in Pasadena when the script popped up on her BlackBerry. "I put on my glasses and read the whole thing because I couldn't wait," she says.

Felicity Huffman is particularly thrilled with how Cherry dealt with Tom and Lynette's highly anticipated reunion in the penultimate episode. "It's really romantic and fulfilling," she says. "And in the finale, we dance together."

Housewives' husbands — Savant, James Denton (Mike) and Ricardo Chavira (Carlos) — managed to sidestep the drama, growing only closer through the years, always cognizant and appreciative of their supporting roles. "Jamie oftentimes would do interviews and be asked a series of questions all about, 'What is it like working with Teri?'" chuckles Savant, who endured the same line of questioning about Huffman. "Jamie, Ricardo and I are the guys who were there the longest, lived through it together and shared a special bond."

Adds Huffman: "So much life has gone on around us. People have gotten married and had babies. People have gotten divorces and gotten sick. People's parents have died. We have lived a lot together."

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Source: TV Guide