Desperate Housewives Spoilers: Bree and The New Lawyer

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March 21, 2012

It has been confirmed for weeks that actor Scott Bakula (actor of American Beauty) will enter the peaceful suburb of Wisteria Lane. His character, moreover, will be significantly related to Bree (Marcia Cross). Since last week’s episode, the police have been persistent in nailing down Bree for evidence. Hence, we expect this new lawyer to appear before us in the succeeding episodes. But what do we know, right? Bree sure is getting much more of a loose cannon these days, doesn’t she?

TV Guide gives us a little hint of what Bree might be up to with her new lawyer.

It should come as no surprise that Bree will start to fall for her lawyer (Scott Bakula), which could compromise her case in more ways than one.

Source: TV Guide