‘Desperate Housewives’: Season 8 Deal Finalizing

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May 17, 2011

Back in 2008, ABC announced that it had a deal in place to carry “Desperate Housewives” through season 8 and 9, instead of Season 7 as Cherry had planned.

After months of negotiations, Deadline is reporting that four stars of ABC’s Desperate Housewives – Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria – are finalizing deals to return for the ‘Desperate Housewives’ season 8 this fall.

The deals are for one year, with an option for a season 9. With the quartet on board, ABC will renew the show for an eighth season though it is unclear if that will happen right away or closer to the May upfronts.

With Hatcher, Huffman, Longoria and Cross on board, as well as the newest housewife, Vanessa Williams, who will also return next season, the only question remaining is the extent of creator/executive producer Cherry’s involvement. He had said he was planning to leave Desperate Housewives after the current seventh season. He continues to be the series’ showrunner, but with his new ABC project Hallelujah picked up to pilot, Desperate Housewives executive producer Bob Daily has taken over day-to-day duties on the show while Cherry is working on his pilot and is expected to continue to do so if Hallelujah goes to series.

Despite slipping in the ratings from its heyday, Desperate Housewives, along with Grey’s Anatomy, continue to be ABC’s strongest hourlong scripted series.

  • Bobbylyons9

    Will Gaby’s tell her secret about her stepfather to her mom? 

  • Bobbylyons9

    Who will betray Susan? 

  • Bobbylyons9

    Will Tom be in a realtionship with Mike? 

  • Bobbylyons9

    Who will kill Carlos? 

  • Bobbylyons9

    will Renee distory her freisdship with with her best freind? 

  • Bobbylyons9

    will Renee distory her freisdship with with her best freind? 

  • Bobbylyons9

    Will Chuck be in a reltaionship with Carols or Mike? 

  • Bobbylyons9

    will Bob come back in the final season? 

  • ibrahem

    this is Gabriel stepfather He raped her when she a child

  • Huygj

    and will u shhhuuuut up? 

  • Alexwander_96

    it would be so cool if gabbys daughter got kidnapped and they had to pay money to get her out, but they’re in some money ishues!! :O

    and if lynette and tom get back together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Didre

    why do you think that Carlos will be killed by someone?

  • Jjhhgcfdfxnhg564654564esgfd

    lol bobbylyons ur too funny!

  • Meechie284119

    i love this show and cant wait to see what happens next

  • Perpetomobile40

    Tom and Mike become a coupple :) That’s a nice one

  • Zensr

    Her mother found out what happened to Gabby in previous episode far back when she visited, but never believed her. Her mom thought she seduced him, so Carlos and Gabby cut ties with her.

  • Amy-x

    her mum already knows they had sex, she just doesnt believe gabby was raped

  • Amy-x

    her mum already knows they had sex, she just doesnt believe gabby was raped

  • ReneeCartier

    what? is that supposed to happen?

  • Katy Parker


  • Liyah03

    lol omg do tom and mike become a couple and wth ? oh has this already been aired or something we havent even got this far in england 

  • Teddygirl

    i know i want them to get back together soooooo bad

  • Jenlovesmattmore

    Gabby’s mom is to full of her self and need to believe in Gabby that her step father did what he did to her as a little girl..I’m glad carols did what he did..Because her stepfather was about to do the same thing to her again..

  • shells

    does gaby’s biological daughter grace come back into her life?

  • Don’thatemasterbate

    Dude, if Gabrielle and everybody thought that her stepfather was dead before he was killed, WHY DON’T THEY JUST HIDE THE DAMN BODY SOMEWHERE? Everyone already thinks he’s dead, so it wouldn’t matter.

  • Kyles_001

    Well said.  Bobbylyons69 you’re a dick and you clearly don’t watch the show or have ever browsed through a dictionary.  Learn to spell and then learn to be quiet.

  • Shian

    cant wait for season 8!! woop!

  • Micahl70

    I just cant stop watching that show ! cant wait until the next season!!

    Michal- Israel 17/6/11

  • Christi

    It would be Great if Tom Looses his job …as i think its funny that because he has money now hes on some power trip and doesnt realise what matters the most and leaving her only now seems so easy for him as his money comforts him. Then he tries to get back with Lynette begging her saying he regrets it ….and she in the end doesnt take him back ….. :)

  • FollowMyShadow

    can i ask something because i got confused..?
    is there season 8 or not?!

  • Rozewolf

    Will Tom and Lynette make it or will they break it off

  • Asmallgermanboy

    i reckon tom and renee will get it on omphhh

  • Tayla:)

    yes there is going to be a season 8 AND 9

  • Tayla:)

    *sighs* we’re all going to die because Mark is LEAVING :(

  • Rebecca

    Season 7 was great what will happen to gabby & carlos now they are a great couple i love them together and don’t forget bre is now going out with a cop!

  • so what

    dont be so silly you air head

  • C.J

    Once Tom and Lynette split there will be nothing stopping Renee from trying to get Tom. And i think it will happen!

  • JAH

    When will 2011/2012 season begin?

  • Naddou8707

    my best series

  • Soethereal4

    I hope they finally resolve past shows’ mysteries such as whatever happened with David Dash (Williams)?  Did he ever get out of the asylum after he let MJ go ?
    And what ever happened with Ana (Gabby’s niece) after she moved to NY?
    And what happened w/the serial killing situation and the Russian girl that got murdered?  Has Lynette’s son wisened up about who he chooses ?

  • lokaso

    cant wait for season 8

  • Kieronrcooper

    Thats what i was thinking i think she might go after tom i mean she already admitted she loves him and Lynette knows that to!

  • Apples

    LOL poor Bobbylyons… Here is what I would like to see happen in season 8… Renee gets Tom but Lynette gets into a cat fight with her, Gabby and Carlos have more kids, Susan and Mike get super rich from Susan’s home made jewelry, and Bree get revenge on her dead huband’s son and get her company back!

  • daniiiiiiii

    i love desperate houswives, i have watched the hole of seasons ,1,2,3,4,5 and 6 in 1 month!:L <3

  • daniiiiiiii

    i love desperate houswives, i have watched the hole of seasons ,1,2,3,4,5 and 6 in 1 month!:L <3

  • daniiii

    i love jen hamm

  • daniiii

    i love jen hamm

  • Danni Dee

    jen hammonds

  • Danni Dee

    jen hammonds

  • desperate housewives

    i love desperate housewwives!<3

  • desperate housewives

    i love desperate housewwives!<3

  • Moonlight

    why has bree got the body in HER trunk????

  • Ratty

    It’s not Bree’s trunk , it’s Gabby’s trunk.  Gabby went back to her house to prepare the desert course.

  • Chelse

    dose lynette and tom break up?

  • Yoy

    OMG the body ends up in bree’s car trunk as she’s taking her bf to the airport n OMG the smell is visible….but still, why did se volunteer to do so, is it cos she wants to get  back in carlos’s good books????

  • dh<3

    I love desperate housewives, my favourite series was series 4 with the whole Kayla is evil stuff, I hope that she comes back and brings havok back to the lane. I also want Bree to be pregnant with Keith’s baby and I want Gabby to be pregnant with Carlos to spice up the whole murder of stepfather thing. I hope that you like my comment and tell me if you don’t. 

  • dh<3

    Who’s Mark do you mean Mike Susan’s husband

  • DK

    Lynette will kick some ass!

  • Samanthahartman48

    desperate housewives is by far the best show ever! i think they should make a movie thats like four hours long. and i think gabby and carlos should get grace this next season. oh and tom should get his ass kicked for being such a dick…=)

  • Bobzii_jay

    thats so true! but then again he probs turn her down

  • S1thetruth

    Tom will be in a relationship wit Renee

  • becccca

    yeah :(

  • Olive

    what is going to happen to Carlos is going back to prison?

  • Jessica23escobar

    hi hope they get back togeter to



  • megan x

    i love desperate housewives so much i just hope that in series 8 tom and Lynette dont split up because they are such a good couple . and gabby hopefully tell her mum about the return of her stepfather …. love you all xx

  • Linka006

    troptrop bien

  • hititlove

    that should tottaly happen

  • me

    it’s not true ..

  • Ciaralikesmuffins

    Tom is meant to have a new girlfriend in the series. The guest star listed to play her is Andrea Parker

  • Meganlill

    desperate housewives is so cool has  the 7  series come out on DVD  in america coz it hasn’t come out in England yet ?

  • Vickyyyy16

    When will season 8 will be out? and if it already is, does somebody know where i could watch it please ?

  • Meganlill

    when does desperate houswives series 8 come out in the uk any one no ??

  • Gmichael023

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  • Meganlill

    who knows when desperate housewives series 8 is starting in England if u know plz write bk thanx xxxx be a babe x x x x 

  • Hollystansfield

    if you love desperate housewives and want to see the next series now! go to ch131.com and watch them there.. very exciting :) xx



  • Ruth62


  • memski

    Tom gets killed

  • Jade1999Forever

    on the promo of season 8 Leon Shark was pointing a Gun at someone, i’m just wondering who is going to die cause it said “But for one the Journey ends Now!” and Boom you hear a gun shot and it said it was going to be one of the Husbands so there’s Carlos,Tom, and Mike….who knows it could be anyone….