Season 8 Episode 8 episode 8

Desperate Housewives Season 8 Episode 8 "Suspicion Song" Guide & Photos

Here's the official episode guide and some promotional photos for episode 8 of Desperate Housewives season 8 - airing on November 13.

  • Detective Chuck Vance begins harassing Bree as his suspicions about her involvement in the disappearance of Alejandro grow
  • After using the murder of Gaby's stepfather as inspiration for her art school projects, Susan must find a way to graciously decline art school teacher Andre's (Miguel Ferrer) invitation to display and sell her paintings at a gallery showing
  • When Carlos's drinking gets in the way of his ability to work, Gaby goes to the office in an effort to save his business from losing a multi-million dollar account
  • And on the occasion of their 22-year anniversary, Lynette comes up with a plan to try to salvage her marriage to Tom