Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 11 Spoilers

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November 7, 2010

Below you can find spoilers for Desperate Housewives season 7 episode 11, title to be announced. Thanks to Desperate Housewives Tripod page.

  • One of the Wisteria Lane men was shot at the riot. Detectives question someone who claims his gun was stolen from his suitcase in his car the day of the riot.
  • Thanks to the riot, Susan lost a kidney. She thinks she’ll be okay with just the one kidney left, but it turns out her second one was also damaged. She’ll need to come in to the hospital every other day . . . for six hours.
  • Juanita’s learned she’s not Gabrielle’s biological daughter, and she’s not taking it well, as she believes Gabrielle prefers Grace over her. A therapist encourages the Solises to remove every trace of Grace from their lives.
  • Paul learns interesting news about his wife.
  • Lynette and Renee are meeting with a client when Lynette does something special for Renee. Renee is so touched by what Lynette did that she does the unthinkable: she admits the truth about her history with Tom to Lynette.
  • survivour

    omgggg paul isnt dead????

  • You_mama

    i knew paul wasn’t died he would know someone wanted to get revenge .. so hhe might of put like a protection underneath his shirt..

  • Buckleydog007

    I knew Paul couldn’t be dead b/c he didn’t find out that his wife is Felicia Tillman’s daughter yet! That storyline has to play out before Paul can go away…

  • AngieBaby79

    i cant wait till that happens…lol im so excited =]


    poor Susan she goes from being all sexy and half naked to half a lungand being all screwed up =[.. AAAND BOY OH BOY what wiil Lynette's reaction be when she finds out about Renee and Tom.. oooooooh i wouldnt wanna be Poor Juanita, yes she is a little brat, but let my kid push me across the room like that see if i dont put my foot in her And last but not least I CANNOT WAIT TILL PAUL FINDS OUT WHO HIS WIFE REALLY IS ... OOOOOOOOOOOH AY AY AY "I LOVE DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES"... =]


    orson is back

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