Season 7 Episode 10 episode 10

Desperate Housewives Season 7 Episode 10 Spoilers

Thanks to DH Tripod for these spoilers on Desperate Housewives season 7 episode 10!

  • Paul's plan goes into action: now that he owns a bunch of houses on Wisteria Lane, he's going to open a halfway house for ex-cons on Wisteria Lane. A huge crowd of people attends the opening, including many protestors, who attack the mayor with food when he attempts to make a speech. The mayor does his best to escape the melee. A man attacks another guy; the attacker is mistakenly believed to be one of the convicts. Also, a female ends up unconscious. One of the men on Wisteria Lane is shot!
  • One of the housewives makes sure Andrew doesn't plan on selling his home to Paul. She's approached by a man from another neighborhood's homeowners association; he was able to stop a similar situation from happening in his neighborhood, and he offers help. She takes him up on his offer, but she isn't in favor of his tactics when he participates in throwing food at the mayor.
  • One of the housewives is surprised to find an ex-con in her house. He mistakenly thought he was in the halfway house, but he's not quick to leave.