Guess Who's Plotting Her Own Death on Desperate Housewives

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The creator of Desperate Housewives, Marc Cherry, had truly become remarkable for eight years in television history. Along with plotting the twists and shockers for the whole world to rave about, he has also managed to strategically plan the deaths of one character after another in a superior level.

After ending the life of the beloved neighborhood plumber Mike Delfino, (James Denton) sources tell us another major character is on its way in getting the big cut.

Ted Casablanca from E! Online shares us the latest scoop.

Say goodbye to the sharp-tongued Karen McCluskey, played by two-time Emmy winner Kathryn Joosten.

There's been mucho speculation McCluskey might be the next to go, considering her character is fighting lung cancer on the show, and now sources thisclose to production have confirmed the brassy broad will officially face her demise on the final episode.

But wait, that's hardly the most shocking spoiler, right? Since Kathryn has revealed the disease is only going to escalate, it shouldn't be surprising Marc Cherry chose now to kiss the beloved McCluskey goodbye.

Source: E! Online