Wisterians are going to be in need of medical attention: Latest Casting Calls

If you caught Desperate Housewives' 2009 plane crash cliffhanger, it should come as no surprise that many Wisterians are going to be in need of medical attention when the series returns in January.

Here are the latest Desperate Housewives casting call spoilers TV Guide reports:

  • An actress to play a physical therapist names Joyce, who will help rehabilitate a patient.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess the patient is Orson, since Joyce will grow increasingly upset that her patient isn't getting proper home care. Makes sense that Bree would be less inclined to care for her husband, if she loses lover Karl in the disaster. Though it could be the other way around, couldn't it? With Orson dead, a guilt-ridden Bree would be less enthused to tend to her forbidden lover.

The patient could also conceivably be Carlos, but we've already been down that road with a cold Gaby being insensitive to his blindness.

  • A female psychotherapist named Dr. Graham.

She could be treating all the nutso characters on the Lane. But most likely, she'll be around for two episodes treating Katherine, who seemed destined for the looney bin after her hospital breakdown. Whoever is being treated by Graham had best be on guard, as the doc will turn out not to be as warm and receptive as she initially appears. Then again, maybe she's an impostor out to expose the Bolen's terrorist secrets.