Desperate Housewives: Spoilers

Latest spoilers from TV Guide Magazine:

About Mrs. McCluskey....
Her awaited return will be at the neighborhood Christmas party. Apparently the actress behind Mrs. McCluskey, Kathryn Joosten, had surgery last October 5 for lung cancer. But according to Bob Daily, the executive producer of the show, she's doing pretty well and would like to get back on the show. Producers are also considering writing about her real-life battle.

About Julie Mayer...
If you're wondering and aching to know who strangled her, well, you have to wait until the end of the season. Andrea Bowen (Julie) said: "even the person who did it doesn't even know". Now, that's just pretty weird! However, she guessed it was Angie Bolen. And there will be future flashback scenes that will unravel the beginnings of Julie and Nick's illicit affair which somehow supports Andrea's theory.

About Bob and Lee...
Marc Cherry, the creator of the show, had originally planned for the past two years to give the gay couple an Asian baby but now he's throwing the idea away after Modern Family's Cameron and Mitchell adopted a Vietnamese child. Hmm, no more Asian kid for the couple but any race will do!

About Bree...
She'll be forced to finally choose between Orson and Karl by the end of the year but there will be a huge surprise involving both men.

More spoilers!!!!!

  • A female neighbor will become the second victim of strangulation.
  • Katherine will reach the point of "high craziness".
  • Susan will resent Bree after her affair with Karl is exposed.
  • Romeo and Juliet - style romances will spark between Ana and Porter, and there's a possibility for a Julie and Danny as well.
  • Gaby and Carlos will hold a grudge against Lynette for hiding her pregnancy.
  • Susan's son, M.J., will be used as a pawn in Katherine's attempts to have Mike back.

Source: TV Guide Magazine