Desperate Housewives: Spoilers On First 2010 Episode!

Desperate Housewives: Spoilers On First 2010 Episode!


Here's what Marc Cherry - the creator of the show revealed:

An envision of alternate versions of the characters' lives will encircle the first episode on January 2010.

These visions will be experienced in dreams and on the operating table while under the effects of anesthesia. And some of this will be very funny for some characters as well as heartbreaking for the others.

Marc Cherry said, "We're doing something we've never done before." “It’s our What If episode, where we’ll show five scenarios with our Housewives contemplating their lives based on the accident. Those who lost someone imagine what their lives would have been like if their loved ones had lived. Some people imagine what if they hadn’t married the people they married.”

That being said, we can expect a whirlwind of scenarios on 2010!

Source: SpoilerTV
(PhotoCredit: ABC)