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'Desperate Housewives' Season 7 Episode 18-21 Spoilers

DH Tripod posted some really interesting spoilers for the next four episodes of Desperate Housewives:

Season 7 Episode 18 "Moments in the Woods", April 17

  • Bree's determined to stop Andrew from telling Carlos the truth about what happened to his mother (in season 1). Bree, Andrew, Carlos, and Gabrielle are at a cabin together; Carlos is furious at Andrew, as he's learned that Andrew was responsible for his mother's death. Guns are drawn, but before anything can happen, they're interrupted by a park ranger, who informs them that no one can leave til tomorrow.
  • Renee takes Lynette to an store filled with expensive women's clothes and teaches her how to order around the saleslady.
  • Convinced she's on a winning streak, Susan goes to a casino and makes a huge bet at poker. Gregory Itzin guest stars again as Dick.
  • Felicia (Harriet Sansom Harris) moves back to Wisteria Lane, and she claims she wants to make a truce with Paul. (Don't believe her.)

Season 7 Episode 19 "The Lies Ill-Concealed", April 24

  • Tom's attending a business seminar and Lynette's there as well, but just as his wife. She feels left out as she's no longer a major player in the business world and is instead expected to attend things like flower arrangement classes. Later, she poses as a successful woman but things go awry.
  • Susan has inappropriate dreams about Paul.
  • Carlos forbids Gaby from being friends with Bree.

Season 7 Episode 20 "I'll Swallow Poison on Sunday", May 1

  • Gabrielle and her kids are staying with Bree. When Bree finds she can't drive away because another car is blocking her driveway, she takes illegal action -- and is caught by the car's owner, a police officer named Aaron (Jonathan Cake). He gives her his card and asks her to call if she sees her neighbor doing anything suspicious. Later, a 911 call from Juanita and Celia brings him back to Bree's house.
  • Paul fears he's had a heart attack, but the truth is much worse: someone has been poisoning him with antifreeze. And by "someone", we almost certainly mean Felicia.
  • Tom insists his employee finish a major work assignment over the weekend despite a family obligation.

Season 7 Episode 21 "Then I Really Got Scared", May 8

  • Bree ends a date with Aaron (Jonathan Cake) after learning he researched her. Later, she and Aaron are in a car together when he does something surprising . . . it involves a hooker.
  • Paul hires a lab tech to check his food for antifreeze.
  • Susan arrives at a meeting at MJ's school; she volunteers to bring refreshments. What Susan ends up bringing turns out to be even worse than her typically awful cooking, though: snacks meant for Paul that could lead to something bad if people were to eat them.
  • Gabrielle's stepfather Alejandro arrives in Fairview; don't expect Gaby to be happy to see the man who molested her. But he has a confession that may slightly temper Gabrielle's attitude.