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Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 16: Spoilers and Storyline!

We've got casting spoilers and storyline for Episode 16!

  • In a certain scene, David Leighton and his wife - Laura are on their way to have a dinner in the house of another couple. During the dinner, Laura finds out that David was sleeping with the hostess back in college while they were also dating. The hostess is actually David's student back in college and Laura used to be his assistant.
  • Another scene involves Antonio and Tiffany-  a couple and both are soap actors. In the scene, the two are in a heated argument. And in the middle of their fight, Tiffany told Antonio that she slept with his brother. But the romantic couple fell into each others arms and kiss after Tiffany told Antonio that she's carrying his baby.
  • Tad's watching a soap opera on t.v. when his female boss arrived. A florist/delivery man enters the scene bringing a hundred of floral arrangements. Apparently, he ordered a hundred instead of just ten. Looks like Tad will soon be cut off from his job!
  • Jeremy Allen appears in another scene. He's  a handsome 30 year old man who may have just got his new job from someone he looks up to. He graduated top of his class and used to be a short order cook for three years. He's not the kind of guy who will work for money's sake only. In fact, he wants to learn more and is eager to help his new boss in expanding her business. Jeremy suggested on what to do with the extra floral arrangements that Tad mistakenly ordered. This simple gesture will serve as his way of getting the job he always wanted.

Source: SpoilersGuide